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We are not your average gym. I would refer to our place as a sanctuary. A place where you feel comfortable. When you walk through our doors we hope you feel welcomed and at home. Yes you will sweat, be pushed to your limits, cry happy tears when you accomplish your first PR, but that’s what it’s about. Our Bootcamp is never the same, our strength is carefully programmed to where you feel like you're getting a one on one session and our Freedom class is one that can not be duplicated by any place in this area. We’re different and we’re totally ok with that. We all want to better our lives and working out and eating better are just stepping stones to this. Happiness in your life and being content with your own being should come first. There’s no one way to accomplish fitness goals but we hope you like our way. Come check us out, try one of our classes and smash your goals.



"Kell’s Hell" there’s no other class quite like this around, many have tried and still can’t match this workout. A HIIT training workout that consists of cardio and body weight exercises. This class is always changing and the movements will always be varied. Medballs, ropes, bands, dumbbells and boxes are all used to incorporate a varied workout that will meet your metabolic needs. This class is for all levels and can be adjusted to meet the needs of the client.

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The strength classes are coached to make sure the client is effectively doing the movement. Our strength classes are programmed to progress the client to optimal strength whether they are looking to build mass or compliment their cardio routine. Monday and Tuesday are lower, Wednesday and Thursday are upper and Friday and Saturday are total body days. The program is designed by the owner and isn’t a typical bodybuilding routine. It is an effective and fun way to build muscle as if you were in a personal training session while in a group setting.

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Freedom Class

This class is only available at 5:30 pm, this consists of a strength and Bootcamp mashup. We call it a mixed modality for it takes everything that we work on and mixes it all into one. Monday we focus on lower, Wednesday is upper and Friday is total. This class is an absolute killer and is led by one of our trainers to guide any fitness level to a great workout.

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  • Unlimited Classes $170 /mo | $1500 /yr
  • 2 Days a Week $120 /mo
  • Students (Unlimited) $125 /mo

Unlimited classes is all classes that FF offers including nutrition guidance.

2x a week is any 2 classes of your choice for the week, per month.

Punch Cards

  • 10 Class (doesn’t expire for one year) $150

Punchcard is 10 classes for $150. It doesn’t expire so you can use the card for any class available.

Personal Training

  • Kellie $75 /session | $700 /10 pack
  • Arie $50 /session | $450 /10 pack

Personal training is a customized plan that is well designed by the trainer. After an initial consult the program is created for your personal performance. Nutrition and Bootcamp classes are included.

Group Training

  • 2 People $45 /person | $400 /10 pack
  • 3 People $35 /session | $300 /10 pack

Small group training is the same concept as the personal training however you are in group for 2-3 people. All who share similar goals.

Group classes are for all levels, the trainer will guide you to what you need to accomplish in the particular class. Bootcamp can range up to 20 members while the strength are kept at a max of 15 members.


  • Young Athlete Program $75 /mo
  • Freedom Fitness Athletics $75


This program is designed for athletes ages 8-12 years old who are ready to take their sport to the next level. Whether they need help with speed, agility, strength or overall conditioning. This program will help with tackling all aspects of the young athlete and their development as a stronger team player. We focus on the overall development of the athlete, having the skills to perform is just one component, having the mental stability and confidence is another additive. We hope to inspire all of our athletes to play with hard work, determination and pride.

Available Tuesday and Thursday 4:30 PM with Coach Holland, NASM certified performance enhancement specialist


This program is designed to assist the high school athlete with their performance on and off the field. Building our athletes confidence, helping them understand the importance of proper nutrition and hydration and building their strength and conditioning are all components of our excelling program. Having experience in college level sports and working with athletes of all forms, our program is not specific, it will prepare any athlete for their particular sport.

Available Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:30 PM, (Saturday at 7am is an optional day) With Coach Kellie

*Nutrition guidance included with all memberships

**Drop in rate-$20
**NO contracts for the first year


Mon | Wed | Fri

  • 5:30am - Bootcamp / Strength Mix
  • 6:30am - Strength
  • 9:00am - Strength
  • 5:30pm - Strength


  • 5:30am - Bootcamp
  • 6:30am - Bootcamp
  • 9:00am - Bootcamp
  • 5:30pm - Bootcamp


  • 5:30am - Bootcamp
  • 6:30am - Bootcamp
  • 9:15am - Bootcamp w/ Diane
  • 5:30pm - Bootcamp


  • 8:30am - Bootcamp